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We partner with young people to build a foundation that promotes safety, opportunities, and well-being in their lives.



Housing and Homeless Services

Housing & Homeless Resources

Are you homeless and age 17-23? Apply for housing with us. A limited number of apartments are available. While you are with us, we will teach you skills to increase your independence, help you find a job and finish your education, and connect you to lots of services. Even when there is a waiting list, we can still help you with jobs, skills, and education.

In School Services (SAME)

Youth Empowered Schools (YES)

Project Oz has counselors in District 87 and Unit 5 to help students with problems they are having with school, family, friends, and more. A counselor is available to help you talk it out, set some goals, and learn new skills. The counselor can talk with parents, too, to give new ideas on how to get everyone involved and going in the same direction.


Crisis Intervention

Meeting the immediate needs of youth ages 10-22 in McLean and Livingston Counties with emergency shelter, crisis intervention, and support services.

Youth Action BoardYouth Action Board

Substance Use / Suicide Prevention

Our goal is to promote alcohol, tobacco and other drug use prevention through our schools, as well as community forums and activities.


Our mission is to make a positive difference for young people. We care what happens to young people. We care what happens to families. We care about making our community a safe, healthy, happy place to live.

Why do we do it?
We do it because we care.