Phone: (309) 827-0377

Resources and Referrals

Safe Housing and Outreach Support

Are you experiencing a housing crisis or trying to prevent one? Do you need additional housing support? Call us at 309-827-0377. We offer survival aid, help finding and keeping a job, safety planning, educational supports, legal aid, medication connections, emotional support, and we’ll work to connect you to housing. We can meet you around town or at our office at the corner of Front and Morris Streets in Bloomington. There is no waiting list for services, so we can get started right away. We are happy to share our resources and our connections with you, and help you find a permanent, safe way out of homelessness. To connect with a caseworker and to apply for services, come to our office or fill out the application below. A caseworker will be in touch with you within 7 days.

We also have a 24-hour crisis worker who can talk to you about emergency housing by calling 2-1-1 anytime of night or day.

Applications will be reviewed weekly.  Please call our main office if you need immediate assistance. Thank you.

Transitional Housing

Are you between the ages of 17-23 and experiencing a housing crisis? A limited number of apartments are available. While you are in our housing program, we will teach you skills to increase your independence, help you find a job and finish your education, and connect you to lots of services. Even when there are no apartments available, we can still help you with jobs, skills, and education. All young people who have filled out the request for services above, and are actively engaging in outreach services will be assessed for housing.

Community Based Youth Services / Juvenile Justice

Project Oz works with youth at risk of involvement with child welfare or juvenile justice and who need additional supports in McLean and Livingston counties. We serve ages 10-17 that are not in the care of DCFS and that plan to remain in the community. We do both office and outreach based services to meet the tailored needs of youth and families. Please use this referral form if you are under 18, you would like to make a referral for someone under 18, or are a parent/guardian and would like Project Oz services.

Applications will be reviewed weekly.  Please call our main office if you need immediate assistance.  Thank you.

Life Skills Classes

Any youth or young adult can join our weekly Life Skills classes to learn about budgeting, finding housing, preparing for a job, nutrition, self-care, safety information, pregnant and parenting support, and meet other youth with similar experiences. Each class is 1 hour and we serve a light dinner during class. Call us for times and locations at 309-827-0377.

"I once felt alone when I became pregnant, but since I started with in Life Skills I feel I can relate with the other girls and learn from them."

"My caseworker helps me be independent and makes sure I take accountability for the choices I make.  They make me reflect on how I can make things better and brainstorm ideas on how to tackle certain tasks."

"Project Oz gave me the support to be independent and make goals that are more achievable."

"My casework is very understanding and resourceful.  They helped me get a place to stay when I was put out of the homeless shelter.  Getting a job is hard, but housing is my main priority."