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Our work is about YOU, not us. To be at our very best, we use curricula and teaching techniques that work, a nationally acclaimed counseling model, and we reach out to people without opening old wounds. We don’t focus on what can’t be changed. Instead, we focus on helping you move your life forward, rediscover joy, and connect with the important people in your life.

Since 1973 we have been helping youth and families. We reunite families, help kids stay in school, teach young people useful skills, and teach students how to keep their lives drug free. We provide counseling, education and career planning, student support services, safety planning, and healthy living strategies to students and families in Unit 5 and District 87.  In both McLean and Livingston counties, we provide aid, shelter, and safety for runaway and homeless youth.   We reach 8,000 youth every year.  Call to see what we can do for you.

You brought comfort, levity, and helpful realistic information in what is a powerful, difficult, and awkward situation.

My caseworker helps me be independent and makes sure I take accountability for the choices I make.  They make me reflect on how I can make things better and brainstorm ideas on how to tackle certain tasks.

I once felt alone when I became pregnant, but since I started with in Life Skills I feel I can relate with the other girls and learn from them.

Project Oz Board

The Project Oz Board is comprised of  8-14 volunteers from diverse backgrounds, as listed below.

Craig McCormick, President

Matt Coates, Vice President

Kristen Kubsch, Secretary

Camille Springer, Treasurer

Jessica Long

Petrina Johns

Kevin Jones

Dustin Knuth

Jaime R. Ganschow

Ronald Baker

Scott Black






Project Oz Management Team

Lisa Thompson - CEO

Joanne Glancy - Program Director Prevention Services

Jay Shannon - Program Director School Services

Cheris Larson - Program Director Youth Services

Tim Cobert - Director of Finance