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New Host Homes Needed in Livingston County

Host Homes Needed!

Are you willing to open your heart and your home to help keep young people safe and strengthen families?
Temporary placement (1-3 nights) in the Host Homes program helps provide families with time to resolve conflicts and problems. When a situation has become more than a youth or family can immediately deal with, Host Homes provide a reprieve to the family that allows them time to work with our counselors and seek out resources and guidance in resolving the situation.

Willingness to provide a safe and welcoming temporary shelter for teens experiencing a family crisis. Host Homes can be any family size and employment status. Host Homes may be couples, singles, families, and retirees. All it takes is a spare bedroom and the desire to lend a helping hand. You don’t have to become a counselor. Project Oz works with the youth and family to help them build stronger bonds and happier homes. Host Home families receive training and have access to Project Oz staff 24 hours a day.

How does it work? Host Homes in the program take turns being “on call” to receive youth, usually for a month at a time. During that month, each Host Home generally provides 3-5 nights of shelter. Project Oz staff respond to crises at all times of the day, so calls for placement may occur outside of regular business hours. All Host Homes undergo licensing by the state, which requires a full background check on everyone 13 and older living in the home, an interview and site review, and completion of a 40 hour training course. Costs for training and licensing are paid by Project Oz. Host Homes receive a modest stipend for the months they are on call, in order to reimburse the costs of providing care.

Interested in learning more about this program or becoming a Host Home to help keep families in our community together? Contact our Host Homes Liaison Anita Smith at or call her at 309-827-0377.

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